Menzies Forgotten People Library

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The Menzies Forgotten People Library

Three Valuable Volumes

 1      MENZIES  The Shaping of Modern Australia  -- J.R. Nethercote (Editor)

2            The Forgotten People: Updated --  Edited by Paul Ritchie

3                              The Forgotten People -- Rt Hon R G Menzies -- 75th Anniversary Edition -- First Published in 1943


The Shaping of Modern Australia

J.R. Nethercote (Editor)

Connor Court Publishing

Binding:  Hardback
Price:  $59.95, Limited Edition Print-Run
Pages:  400 pages
ISBN:  9781925501018
Published:  April 2016

“I am not a believer in looking at the past because it is dead, but looking at the past because it is living.”  Sir Robert Menzies.

No Prime Minister did more to shape modern Australia than Sir Robert Menzies. His watershed election victory in 1949 marked the start an unprecedented period of progress, population growth and rising living standards.

The contributors to this important work take a fresh look at Menzies’ influence and legacy.

They conclude that Australia’s post-war success was not pre-destined but was driven by the ambitions of an industrious middle class empowered by the principles of freedom Menzies upheld.  

The message for today’s Australia is clear: innovation and enterprise - not government - hold the key to future prosperity.

The Forgotten People: Updated

Edited by Paul Ritchie

Paperback, 240 pages

ISBN: 9781925826012

Release Date June 2018

Published by Jeparit Press: A Connor Court Publishing imprint in association with the Menzies Research Centre. 

Robert Menzies’ famous Forgotten People speeches captured the hopes of Australians as they looked forward to a better life after World War II. While times have changed, Menzies’ themes of freedom, opportunity and responsibility remain.

In The Forgotten People: Updated, Menzies’ political heirs revisit these themes against the contemporary backdrop of freedom of speech, urban life, fairness, education, political correctness, Trump, the rise of China and more.

Contributors include:

 Tony Abbott, Josh Frydenberg, Kelly O’Dwyer, Christopher Pyne, Ken Wyatt, Peta Credlin, Michaelia Cash, Alan Tudge, Paul Fletcher, Tim Wilson, Tony Smith, Linda Reynolds, Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, Jim Molan and Scott Ryan.

Philosophical but practical, contemporary but timeless, The Forgotten People: Updated is an antidote to the cynicism of our times.

The Forgotten People

Rt Hon R G Menzies

75th Anniversary Edition

First Published in 1943

Limited Copies Printed

Jeparit Press: An imprint of Connor Court Publishing in association with the Menzies Research Centre 

Paperback, 206 pages

ISBN: 9781925501445

Retail Price: $29.95

From the original blurb of 1943:

All who listened, in 1942, to the broadcast talks of our former Prime Minister, the Rt Hon. R. G. Menzies, will welcome this collection of them in printed form.

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