Markets and Prosperity -- Edited by Harry Stutchbury

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Markets and Prosperity

Edited by Harry Stutchbury

Paperback, 252 pages, $34.95

June 2023 Release

ISBN 9781922815514

Markets & Prosperity is a collection of 17 essays focused on the importance of leveraging markets, not government dictate, to solve Australia’s most pressing challenges. Contributors from across both sides of the political aisle, academia, journalism, and business have come together to present bold and challenging ideas to address housing affordability, energy and climate change, childcare, higher education and tax and the size of government.

In an era of higher taxes and spending and the return of industry policy, Markets & Prosperity aims to re-state the case for smaller government and sustainable economic management.

Harry Stutchbury is a Management Consultant with Kearney. He has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Sydney and a Masters of Commerce and a Masters of Analytics from the University of New South Wales. He has previously worked as an adviser to State and Federal Liberal politicians.


Introduction. Harry Stutchbury

1    Australia as a leader in cutting emissions and attracting investment through corporate law. Andrew Bragg   

2     Revitalising the Australian childcare sector: The role of federation reform. Jane Buncle             

3     Menzies and Free Trade: Lessons for Today.  Georgina Downer                       

4     Are markets anti-social? Craig Emerson              

5     The opportunity gap. Jason Falinski               

6     Government by the people. Gigi Foster and Paul Frijters   

7     What are you doing with my money? If you can’t tell me, you don’t deserve to have it. Robert Holt            

8     Tilting at Windmills: Government delusion as the hero in Australia’s future prosperity. Gisele Kapterian    

9   We should be so lucky. Andrew Low           

10   Reforming our criminal justice system. Evan Mulholland    

11   Markets in publicly-funded services – the case of demand-driven university funding. Andrew Norton       

12     Fixing housing policy. Aaron Patrick            

13     Reforming the states. Chris Rath                

14     A country with less regulation will have a smaller government. Gerard Rennick              

15     Markets and prosperity Harry Stutchbury            

16     A new pathway to prosperity Tom Switzer           

17     Common good, not culture wars.  Chaneg Torres      


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