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    MENZIES: The Shaping of Modern Australia -- Edited John Nethercote

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    The Shaping of Modern Australia

    J.R. Nethercote (Editor)

    Connor Court Publishing

    Binding:  Hardback
    Price:  $59.95, Limited Edition Print-Run
    Pages:  400 pages
    ISBN:  9781925501018
    Published:  April 2016

    “I am not a believer in looking at the past because it is dead, but looking at the past because it is living.”  Sir Robert Menzies.

    No Prime Minister did more to shape modern Australia than Sir Robert Menzies. His watershed election victory in 1949 marked the start an unprecedented period of progress, population growth and rising living standards.

    The contributors to this important work take a fresh look at Menzies’ influence and legacy.

    They conclude that Australia’s post-war success was not pre-destined but was driven by the ambitions of an industrious middle class empowered by the principles of freedom Menzies upheld.  

    The message for today’s Australia is clear: innovation and enterprise - not government - hold the key to future prosperity.


    Menzies: the Shaping of Modern Australia is the first volume in the Menzies Research Centre’s Living Legacy collection.

    Series editor: Nick Cater


    Chapters Include

    Preface -- The Honourable Josh Frydenberg

    Sir Robert Menzies: Prime Minister of Australia, 1939-41 and 1949-66  -- J.R. Nethercote

    The Political Philosophy of Robert Menzies -- David Kemp

    Robert Menzies – War and Peace -- Anne Henderson

    Menzies – the Second Prime Ministership -- John Howard

    On the Political Side  -- Graeme Starr

    Menzies and the Representation of Women -- Margaret Fitzherbert

    Foreign Policy, Defence and National Security -- Peter Edwards

    The Wealth of the Nation -- Henry Ergas and J.J. Pincus

    The Condition of the People -- Mikayla Novak

    Town and Country in the Menzies Years -- Lionel Frost

    Sir Robert Menzies and Australian Education -- Greg Melleuish

    Menzies, the High Court and the Constitution -- Anne Twomey

    Federal Financial Relations in the Menzies Years -- J.J. Pincus

    Menzies, Parliament and the Institutions of Government  -- J.R. Nethercote

    Convert to the Faith – Menzies and Canberra  -- David Headon

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