Loose Canon: Essays on History, Modernity and Tradition -- Brian J Coman

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Paperback, 180 pages

Life, it has been said, is just 'one damned thing after another'. For Brian Coman, though, the experiences have been anything but humdrum. In this collection of essays, he ranges over a vast tapestry of experiences from ferreting rabbits, to the pleasures of reading The Odyssey and listening to church bells. Religion, philosophy, modern music noise, Freddie Ayer's 'amorous dalliances', and Chinese ghost stories - it's all here in this eclectic compilation. Most of these essays have previously appeared in Quadrant magazine but are here gathered together in a single volume. This is an eminently readable collection, combining wit and serious reflection on the human condition. The essays will delight both the serious and the casual reader.

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