Little Green Lies: An exposé of twelve environmental myths -- Jeff Bennett

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Pages: 280
Binding: Paperback

The natural environment matters a lot to many people. Their views on issues such as recycling, population control, economic growth and renewable energy are often held strongly and emotionally. But some of these views are best described as ‘little green lies’. Sometimes people bend the truth because they believe they are protecting others from the harm caused by environmental decay. Others do it for personal gain. But unlike ‘little white lies’, telling ‘little green lies’ is not harmless. If they become so widely accepted that they form the basis of government policies, our society can be worse off for them. They can even end up causing environmental damage.

At last, the intellectual firepower to cut through the “little green lies” told by environmentalists. Professor Bennett turns his mind to twelve key propositions at the core of green ideology, and demolishes them all. This book must be on the bookshelf of every person concerned for a better environment and a better society.
Gary Johns

If you are an environment zealot whose views are not swayed by reason and evidence, this book is not for you. However, if you truly want to improve the environment, this book will sharpen the way you think about policy and add to your arsenal of tools for making our natural world a better place for humans and their fellow travelers on the planet. 

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