Life of Fr John Gerard -- John Morris SJ, Introduction by Archbishop Julian Porteous

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Life of Fr John Gerard

John Morris SJ

Introduction by Archbishop Julian Porteous

Catholics in History

Paperback, 280 pages, $29.95

ISBN 9781922815644

The priest who famously escaped the tower of London by a rope strung across the Tower’s moat, during the tumultuous Elizabethan period. 

In this volume, he tells his story how he served the Catholics of England during this period of persecution. 

An inspiration for all Catholics. 

His account has been translated into English several times. This translation is by a fellow Jesuit, John Morris, published in 1871. The translation captures the English of earlier times and lends a sense of history to the account of this courageous and faith-filled priest. 
The account of Fr John Gerard’s life as a priest on mission in England is riveting reading. This first hand account gives us a remarkable insight into the times. 
Fr John Morris provides many footnotes which help explain the text and the final chapters provide, in particular, Fr Gerard’s defence against the accusation of being involved in the Gunpowder Plot. Other letters of his provide further insight into his character and life of a Jesuit in these dangerous times. 
This book provides a first-hand account of the life of a priest during the Elizabethan persecution of Catholics. He knew that capture could lead to torture and agonising death. It provides insight into the great courage and complete trust in God that marked his character.
- From the Introduction, Archbishop Julian Porteous

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