Liberalism and Conservatism

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Liberalism and Conservatism

Edited by Greg Melleuish

Paperback, 184 pages
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ISBN: 9781925138597

Publication Date: May 2015

‘Liberalism and Conservatism’ are little explored as expressions of political philosophy in Australia. This timely collection sheds light on some of the key expressions of Australian liberalism and conservatism. David Kemp examines the relationship between liberal and conservative political thinking and the growth of government in Australia. Zac Gorman looks at the key role George Reid played in the 1906 anti-socialist campaign. Paul Brown considers the role which liberalism played in forming the ideas of former Foreign Minister Alexander Downer. Wayne Errington considers conservative attitudes to science. Greg Melleuish examines the nature of Australian conservatism. Chris Rath provides a conservative critique of the National History Curriculum. These essays demonstrate the variety and richness of conservative and liberal thought in Australia.


Introduction: Liberalism and Conservatism -- Greg Melleuish.

1. George Reid’s Anti-Socialist Campaign in the Evolution of Australian Liberalism -- Zachary Gorman.

2. Liberalism, Conservatism and the Growth of Government in Australia -- David Kemp.

3. The Progressive Conservatism of Alexander Downer: The Meta- Narrative of 4. Resistance, Family Heritage and Edmund Burke -- Paul Brown.

5. Conservatism in Australia -- Greg Melleuish.

6. Australian Conservatives and the Politics of Science -- Wayne Errington.

7. What I wasn’t taught at High School -- Chris Rath.

Greg Melleuish has written widely on Australian political thought and intellectuals including his 2013 book ‘Australian Intellectuals’ published by Connor Court. He teaches at the University of Wollongong.

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