Letters to Naples - Vincenzo De Francesco SJ

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Letters to Naples:

A Neapolitan writes home about his work in Melbourne 1919-1928

Vincenzo De Francesco SJ

Edited and Translated from the Italian by Aniello Iannuzzi 

(with a foreword by Fr Steve Curtin SJ)

Binding:  Paperback
Pages:  110 pages
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ISBN:  9781921421181

These letters of Fr De Francesco, never intended by the author to see the light of day, are a most worthy monument to a good Jesuit priest as well as a most significant insight into the life of the Italian community of Melbourne in the years leading up to the Great Depression. Everyone interested in the spirit of the Jesuits and in the history of the Italian community will sincerely thank the efforts of those who have brought the project to fruition and welcome their publication.”  Fr Steve Curtin SJ

Father Vincenzo De Francesco was sent to Melbourne in 1919 to care for the ever-growing Italian migrant community, this before taking his final vows as a Jesuit. While in Melbourne he wrote home about his work with this community. His letters to his home, Naples, capture the excitement, wonder, travails and joys of his journey and subsequent task as Australia’s first Italian chaplain.

Letters to Naples illustrates the challenges facing the early Italian immigrants to Australia, as well as the difficulties faced by Catholics in that period.

Letters to Naples is a rare insight into the Italian-Australian community and Catholic Church of the 1920s. Fr De Francesco’s charm, wit, faith and passion shine through his writings, which have been faithfully translated from the Italian which are also
preserved in this volume.

Edited and Translated from the Italian by Aniello Iannuzzi

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