Letters from the Pandemic -- Gerald O’Collins, SJ, AC

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Letters from the Pandemic

Gerald O’Collins, SJ, AC

July 2022 Release

Paperback, 140 pages, $29.95

ISBN 9781922815088

This book gathers many letters Gerald O’Collins wrote (all from Jesuit Theological College, Parkville, Australia) and received. He describes the sinister coming of COVID-19 and its dispiriting impact in different corners of the world. To place the impact of the virus on ‘normal’ living, ten of the letters are from Gerald’s grandniece Nevie Peters.

Praise for Gerald O’Collins
Letters from Rome and Beyond (2021)

‘There are so many things to appreciate and value in this collection. The vivid descriptions of different cultures, the sensitivity to history near and far, the wise comments on contemporary theological concerns, the deep spirituality and love of Christ, the warmth and affection of personal relationships, and the sparks of humour throughout make for enjoyable and inspiring reading.’
- The Revd Canon Professor Dorothy A. Lee, Trinity College Theological School, University of Divinity.

‘One of the most prolific and representative of post-Vatican II Catholic theologians, O’Collins is also among the most affable, with a genius for friendship and networking which comes through very gently but powerfully in these pages…they are also full of interesting information, wry observation and humorous comment on theological, ecclesiastical and political matters and personalities.’
- Vivien Boland, OP, The Pastoral Review.

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