Lebanese in Australia: A Changing Mosaic -- Trevor Batrouney and Andrew Batrouney

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Lebanese in Australia: A Changing Mosaic -- Trevor Batrouney and Andrew Batrouney

Hardback, 400 pages

ISBN 97819258266661


Lebanese Immigrants have been settling in Australia over the last 130 years. This book explains
better than any other the context of this migration and the great contribution those Lebanese/
Australians have made to our country. Trevor and Andrew Batrouney have produced a timely and
invaluable resource.
– Hon. Steve Bracks, AC, former Premier of Victoria. Third generation Lebanese descendant.

This book should inspire Australians from all backgrounds to listen to each other’s stories, and
perhaps to produce new books and other media that give voice to the multiplicity of narratives that
is the great Australian conversation.
– Prof. Robert Pascoe, Dean Laureate, Professor of History, Victoria University, Melbourne.

Lebanese in Australia: A Changing Mosaic is a timely update of the Lebanese diaspora in Australia.
In the 34 years since Lebanese in Australia was first published, much has changed in Lebanon and
Australia - changes that have both tested and strengthened the ties between our two countries.
– Hon. Jackie Trad MP, Deputy Premier of Queensland. Second generation Lebanese descendant.

An engaging and surprising account of Lebanese settlement and communities in Australia from
the 1880s up to the present day. This book is the result of years of painstaking research by the
Batrouneys. They’ve written a book that is scrupulous in its detail but also accessible to all interested
readers, school and university students and researchers.
– Prof. Ken Cruickshank, Director,
Sydney Institute for Community Language Education, Sydney University.

Lebanese in Australia- A Changing Mosaic is an important work and a compelling read for those
interested in understanding the waves of Lebanese migration. This book outlines the settlement and
work ethic in city and country Australia of Lebanese immigrants. It is a comprehensive introduction
to a small population that is increasingly recognised for its large contribution to all walks of life in
Australia. This book is a must in the homes of all who trace their origins to Lebanon.
– Emil Dan AM (ne Doumany circa 1880’s). Third generation Lebanese descendant.

Trevor and Andrew in this book, remind us that to know who we are now, we must understand
where we came from and who we were then. With the indelible imprint of our ancestry, this book
is about you and me. It is our collective stories, it is in our words, it is in our voice. As it weaves
together the mosaic of Lebanese in Australia, it creates a view of multiculturalism that is honest
and real and whilst keeping one foot in the East and the other firmly planted in the West, it builds
on the already diverse and rich sacred Indigenous history that is Australia. Read this book, share it
and read it again…it’s a lens on multiculturalism.
– Judy Saba, Cross Cultural Psychologist, NSW police, Churchill Fellow. Second generation Lebanese descendant.

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