Joseph Lyons and the management of adversity

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Joseph Lyons and the management of adversity

Australian Biographical Monographs 1

Kevin Andrews

Paperback, 88 pages

Release Date: November 2016


ISBN: 9781925501339

Joseph Lyons was the 14th Prime Minister of Australia, serving from 1932 until his death in 1939. He had previously been the Premier of Tasmania. Lyons steered Australia through the turbulent economic and social years of the Great Depression. His wife, Enid, was subsequently the first woman elected to the House of Representatives, and the first female to serve in the Cabinet. Together they had 12 children.

In this book, Kevin Andrews charts the remarkable public leadership of Joseph Lyons in the management of adversity.

Kevin Andrews has been a member of the Australian Parliament since 1991. He has served as Cabinet Minister in numerous portfolios, most recently as the Minister for Defence. Kevin has written a number of books, contributes to the media regularly and publishes a policy magazine. His most recent book was Maybe ‘I do’ – modern marriage & the pursuit of happiness.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction 
2. Adversity and Opportunity 
3. Management of Debt
4. Turbulent Times 
5. Saving the Nation 
6. Public Leadership 
7. Select Bibliography 

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