Ian Plimer

PROFESSOR IAN PLIMER is Australia’s best-known geologist. He is Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne, where he was Professor and Head of Earth Sciences (1991-2005) after serving at the University of Newcastle (1985-1991) as Professor and Head of Geology. He was Professor of Mining Geology at The University of Adelaide (2006-2012) and in 1991 was also German Research Foundation research professor of ore deposits at the Ludwig Maximilians Universität, München (Germany). He was on the staff of the University of New England, the University of New South Wales and Macquarie University. He has published more than 120 scientific papers on geology and was one of the trinity of editors for the five-volume Encyclopedia of Geology. This is his eleventh book written for the general public, the best known of which are Telling lies for God (Random House, 1994), Milos-Geologic History (Koan, 1999), A Short History of Planet Earth (ABC Books, 2000), Heaven and Earth (Connor Court, 2009), How to get expelled from school (Connor Court, 2011), Not for greens (Connor Court, 2014) and Heaven and Hell (Connor Court, 2016).

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