How Will Our Children Learn? Choosing Better Schools: Educational Excellence in Every Postcode

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320 pages

HOW WILL OUR CHILDREN LEARN asks the big questions of what life is about. How will our children know what is important? How will we know that our children have at least learnt the basics? How did one State School for a decade become the property of the unionised staff room? Why did parents choose a new school in a dusty paddock – a school without tradition, money or resources?

This story of a teacher and principal affects us all. It is about choosing a better school for our children in every postcode across Australia.

This is a book about Public Education, its importance and how to better provide it. Public education fails in the lower socioeconomic areas of Australia: this story reveals what we need to know in order to provide effective schools, and what parents need to know to choose an effective school.

The author is a teacher, past Director of the Salisbury Education Centre, founding Principal of the largest school in Australia, a Fellow of the Australian College of Education, and, in the past decade, a practising Maths and Science teacher.

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