God & Menzies The Faith that Shaped a Prime Minister and his Nation -- David Furse-Roberts (HARDBACK WITH DUST-JACKET)

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God & Menzies

The Faith that Shaped a Prime Minister and his Nation

by David Furse-Roberts

Foreword by Scott Morrison


Jeparit Press: An imprint of Connor Court Publishing in association with the Menzies Research Centre 

Paperback, 260 pages, $54.95

ISBN: 9781922449771

September 2021 Release

Sir Robert Menzies was driven by a passionate belief in individual freedom, personal responsibility and human dignity.

In God & Menzies, David Furse-Roberts reveals the Judeo-Christian origins of Menzies’ empowering Liberal philosophy that became
embedded in Australia’s cultural DNA.

God & Menzies is essential reading for everybody who seeks a deeper understanding of Australian liberalism and the place of religion in a secular society.

‘David Furse-Roberts has established himself as one of Australia’s leading Menzies experts with this spiritual-intellectual biography of Australia’s longest-serving Prime Minister. The depth of the research and scope of the themes makes this book the benchmark for future religious biographies of Australian statespeople...' 

- Dr Stephen Chavura, Lecturer at Campion College.

'God & Menzies is a scholarly study of how Robert Menzies’ deeply considered Christian faith informed his commitment to the principles of secular liberalism and served as the lodestar that guided his consequential career. Furse-Roberts has written a timely reminder that Christianity has long been an integral component of Australia’s vibrant secular democracy.’

 - Rev Peter Kurti, Centre for Independent Studies.

‘In an era when religion in an overt sense is essentially marginal to political life, this important study is deeply revealing of its significance in the Australian nation throughout the middle decades of the twentieth century. Moreover, it makes a major contribution in demonstrating Sir Robert Menzies’ leadership in ridding Australia of the curse of sectarianism.’

- Adjunct Professor J. R. Nethercote, Australian Catholic University.

‘David Furse-Roberts’ God & Menzies is a welcome addition to the burgeoning literature on the beliefs and values of Australia’s longest serving Prime Minister. This well researched and clearly written book contributes what few professional historians in Australia are now capable of, namely, an educated and serious engagement with the theological and moral positions that informed Robert Menzies’ public life. 

- Dr Geoff Treloar, Australian College of Theology.

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