Gifts -- Cath La Rosa (Author), Victoria Carlsund (Illustrator)

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Author Cath La Rosa
Illustrator Victoria Carlsund

Paperback, 32 Pages 
ISBN: 9781922449245
Price $19.95
Spring (October) 2020 release

Billy Bilby is excited to be meeting some special visitors at school. He needs to find the perfect gift to give to one of the visitors. Will he find that special gift?

“God’s gifts of grace come in many forms. Each of you has received a gift in order to serve others. You should use it faithfully.” 
(1 Peter 4:10) 

A beautiful, easy to read story with delightful illustrations featuring Australian animals.  The story provides a wonderful opportunity for both parents and teachers to build children’s self-confidence through recognising their own gifts, thinking of others and connecting with community. 
Naomi Murphy B.Ed.EC

Children often want to know if they have anything special to give, if they carry a superpower, they are unaware of. Gifts is a wonderful story that opens an opportunity for vibrant discussions on what each person has within them. I highly recommend this story and use it in my practice in counselling children.
Craig Thomas, Assoc.Dip.Early Childhood, 
B.Soc.Sc., Grad.Dip.Counselling, M.Counselling

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