Geopeko - A successful Australian mineral explorer (Hardback)

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Geopeko - A successful Australian mineral explorer

Edited by Brian Williams and Rob Ryan

Hardback, 210 pages

ISBN: 9781925501797 


Published in February 2018

Geopeko was the exploration arm of the Australian mining company, Peko-Wallsend Limited. From a start as a small copper miner in the Northern Territory, Geopeko’s discoveries built Peko-Wallsend into one of Australia’s premier mining companies. 

It was a leader in the development of the geological theories and technologies that underpin mineral discovery. Geologist John Elliston and geophysicist Lew Richardson built a team of earth scientists, technicians, and drillers that laid the foundation of the success.

This is the story of that success, compiled by those who were responsible for it, with an analysis of why it was successful.

Brian Williams and Rob Ryan, both geologists, led Geopeko exploration teams in the NT. Williams remained with the company until after retirement, ending his career there in charge of exploration world-wide. 

Rob Ryan spent 3 years as Peko mine geologist in the NT. He later set up the company’s north Australian exploration office in Darwin before leaving to work for others and then becoming a consultant.

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