GOOD FOOD FOR ALL: Developing knowledge relationships between China and Australia -- Edited by Bruno Mascitelli and Barry O'Mahony

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220 pages

This book comprises a collection of essays which emanated from an important Australia China Council (ACC) sponsored event conducted in Wuhan, China in November 2013. Entitled Australia-China Food Knowledge Exchange”, the scholarly focus was on the potential of the food sector in both countries and the growing need for “Good food for all”. This event led many of the specialists to convert their papers into peer reviewed, reflections on the key themes debated in China and subsequently ended up in the collection of essays contained in this book. While a snapshot of the event, this book captures the essence of the knowledge exchange that occurred and the experience that was brought to bear in relation to food knowledge across the these two important nations.

The Editors
Bruno Mascitelli is an Associate Professor at Swinburne University of Technology.

Barry O’Mahony is Professor of Services Management and Chair of the Department of Marketing, Tourism and Social Impact at Swinburne University of Technology.

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