GO, SET THE WORLD ON FIRE: A New Evangelisation

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This book provides a compelling vision for the Church’s mission in the 21st
Century. Fr Ken offers a comprehensive, practical, highly readable manual on the
principles and strategies for the new evangelisation. This is a must read for all
Catholics committed in their faith and concerned for the way ahead.

“an inspiring resource for all those serious about understanding and implementing the new
evangelisation. A challenge to make a personal response to the mission entrusted to us in our
baptism.” -- Shayne Bennett, Founder of NET ministries Australia

“helpful short explanations of the meaning and importance of the charisms, the kerygma,
healing, dialogue, intercession and the qualities of the evangelists needed today for the new
evangelisation.” - Archbishop Christopher Prowse, Canberra

“a clear and engaging book on the new evangelisation. I strongly recommend it for all educators
and Church leaders as a foundational formation tool for ministry and mission'.”
- Peter Woods, Director of Teacher Faith Formation ACU and founding Director of CSYMA

Fr Ken Barker is the founder of the Missionaries of God’s Love (MGL), a new
religious congregation in the Australian Church. He is involved in many works of
evangelisation and spiritual renewal, and is the author of popular books, including
Becoming Fire, Young Men Rise Up, His Name is Mercy, Amazing Love, Alive in the Spirit,
The Wonder of the Eucharist, The Way of Jesus
, and Fire to the Earth.

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