Fire to the Earth: The Heart of the Saints

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Fire to the Earth: The Heart of the Saints

Fr Ken Barker MGL

Paperback, 228 pages, $22.95

ISBN: 978-1-925501-54-4

Published May 2017

Fire to the Earth provides a wellspring of spiritual wisdom from the heart of ten saints whose lives have had a major influence within the Catholic spiritual tradition. Not only does the author relate the inspiring story of their lives, he also distils from their writings the rich legacy that they have left for us today.

Fr Ken has devoted his life to calling forth modern day saints in ordinary young Australians, men and women who, despite their ordinariness aren't afraid to say their generous ‘yes’ to God. As a man of the Church he knows what the Church needs in order to thrive. It doesn’t need complex new programs and elaborate strategies of reform. It just needs you and me to be saints.
--Selina Hasham. Director Communications. Archdiocese of Sydney (Foreword)

Fr Ken brings to life in this fascinating book some of the great saints of the Catholic Church. Particularly among young people today, there is a renewed interest in the lives of the saints as a gateway for us living out a life of holiness. He does this in a refreshing and simple manner.
--Archbishop Christopher Prowse. Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn.

We are all called to be saints. The idea can be daunting, yet sanctity has been realised in thousands of ordinary Christian lives. This beautiful book on the inner life of well known saints can inspire us all on our own path to holiness. A saint is always a triumph of grace. The saints were the first to recognise that any virtue they had was only due to God’s surprising and undeserved mercy.
--Archbishop Julian Porteous. Archbishop of Hobart

Fr Ken Barker is the founder of the Missionaries of God’s Love (MGL), a new religious congregation in the Australian Church. He is involved in many works of evangelization and spiritual renewal, and is the author of popular books, including Becoming Fire, Young Men Rise Up, His Name is Mercy, Amazing Love, Alive in the Spirit, The Wonder of the Eucharist, and The Way of Jesus.

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