Educating Your Child... It's Not Rocket Science! -- Kevin Donnelly

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Educating Your Child... It's Not Rocket Science!
By Kevin Donnelly

Paperback, 86 pages
ISBN:  9781921421730
Are you a good parent and what is the best way to raise your child? Are the tiger mum's correct and do Australian children need more discipline and tougher expectations? There are no simple answers and there's no doubt that being a parent these days is no longer easy or straightforward. Some mums and dads are criticised for being helicopter parents and smothering their children in cotton wool. Other parents are criticised for giving their children too much freedom and failing to teach them civility and respect. New technologies like the internet, mobile phones and game boys, fears about stranger danger and being bullied at school and the ever increasing pressure to get the best academic results are all conspiring to make the job a lot harder. Educating your child: it's not rocket science provides an easy to read, comprehensive guide to being a good parent, with suggestions and advice proving that it's not rocket science and that every parent can succeed. As every parent knows, the most precious gift we can give our children is a good education and a sound footing to help them meet life's challenges.

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