Economics for Infants

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Economics for Infants

Text: Steven Kates

Illustrations: Liam Cappello


Binding:  Hardback
Pages:  28 pages
ISBN:  9781925501438
Price:  $24.95

A perfect book to read to your children and grandchildren!

How do you explain the complexities of the economic order to a child? In this retro-inspired illustrated book, Associate Professor Steven Kates attempts this task in a storybook form. A basic primer on economics for the youngest of readers.

Dr Steven Kates is Associate Professor of Economics at RMIT University in Melbourne, but spent most of his working career as the Chief Economist for Australia’s national employer association, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Liam Cappello, a former student at St Patrick’s College, Ballarat, is currently undertaking Film Studies at Swinburne University, Melbourne.

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