Donna Laframboise

Donna Laframboise is an investigative journalist based in Port Dover, Canada. She is the author of two books about the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Described by Germany’s Der Spiegel as the IPCC’s  “sharpest critic” and by a UK commentator as “blond, glamorous, highly-educated,” Donna has testified before a committee of the British House of Commons, and addressed audiences in Berlin, Brisbane, Calgary, Edinburgh, Erice (Sicily), London, Mannheim, Melbourne, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Perth, Sydney, Toronto, and Warsaw.

Donna is a former columnist, editorial board member, and feature writer for Canada’s National Post newspaper. Her work has appeared in venues as diverse as the Wall Street Journal and VancouverDesi. In late 2013 she became a Senior Research Fellow at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, a Canadian think tank.

As a former vice president of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (1998-2001), Donna is committed not only to free speech but to what librarians call intellectual freedom. She believes journalists are duty-bound to inform the public about a variety of perspectives on current affairs. Ordinary citizens cannot evaluate the merits of competing narratives if journalists report only one point-of-view.

In early 2015, Donna was interviewed by India’s Sify News. That Q&A touches on many of her concerns regarding the dominant climate change narrative. Read it here.

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