Catholic Lives: Dolores Julie Foti-Grant, Via Dolorosa -- James Grant

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Dolores Julie Foti-Grant
Via Dolorosa

Fr James Grant

Catholic Lives, No 1

Paperback, 174 pages, $19.95

In the Catholic faith God calls each one of us to do something for him. We are all called to fulfill a purpose and a task in our lives.
Many Australians no longer consider or reflect on these ‘vocational’ questions. Yet in a world of personal chaos, disruption and breakdown they remain a central component of making a life, particularly one directed at the service of others.
Fulfilling her calling with honour, integrity and gratefulness is what Dolores Julie Foti-Grant undertook in her life. She did this in a quiet, gracious and grateful way. Her understanding of how to live a good life was utterly unique.
This book cannot tell you about your vocation but it may help you to see a gracious and generous method of fulfilling it.

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