Catholic Converts From Down Under ... And All Over

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Catholic Converts From Down Under ... And All Over

Compiled by Wanda Skowronska

Paperback, 230 pages


Retail Price: $29.95

A Modotti Press Title: Where Religion Does Matter

This volume tells of modern day conversions to Catholicism. Each seeker followed different paths of questioning, searching for answers to the deeper, compelling questions that never let us go. The stories are mainly from ‘down under’, but also include some from ‘all over’, for wherever people exist on earth, they will never cease their spiritual journeying.

This book shines wi th that diversity even as it shows how all peoples can find their home in the Catholic Church. Catholic means universal, but it doesn’t mean uniform. It means family, as all these converts show us in their stories.
-- Scott Hahn, Catholic convert and author of Rome Sweet Home

Wanda Skowronska’s timely anthology of conversion stories from Australia and around the world, bears out Belloc’s claim that it is in this convergence of witnesses that we have one out of the innumerable proofs that the Catholic Church is the natural home of the Human Spirit.
-- Fr Paul Stenhouse MSC, Editor Annals Australasia

Stories about converts to Catholicism are always good news stories…
-- Robert M. Haddad, author of The Case for Christianity

Wanda Skowronska is a psychologist and author living and working mainly in Sydney. She also writes for several periodicals, being a regular contributor to the Australian Catholic journal Annals.

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