CREATIVE SUBVERSION: The Liberal Arts and Human Educational Fulfilment -- Edited by David Daintree

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The Liberal Arts and Human Educational Fulfilment

Edited by David Daintree

with papers by Iain T. Benson, Kevin Donnelly, Jim Gaston, Gary Johns, Philippa Martyr, Paul Morrissey, Julie Rimes, Karl Schmude, Steven Schwartz, John Simons

Paperback, 208 pages, $29.95

ISBN: 9781925826005


The mushrooming of human knowledge has given rise in our schools and universities, particularly in our arts faculties, to a post-modern despair of ever finding objective truth, spawning a nebula of petty and unrelated subjects driven by the ephemeral fancies of the day.

At the third annual Colloquium of the Christopher Dawson Centre for Cultural Studies, in June 2017, distinguished speakers explored the theme of Education, with a particular focus on liberal education as the proper basis not just for a career in the workforce but (ultimately of far greater importance) for a rich and fulfilling life. This volume contains the full text of their papers.


Foreword Archbishop -- Julian Porteous

Introduction -- David Daintree

1. “Values Language”: A Cuckoo’s Egg or Useful Moral Framework? --  Iain T. Benson

2. Education and the Culture of Freedom -- Kevin Donnelly

3. Liberal Education and the Good Life: Christopher Dawson and the Role of Human Migration and Diffusion in the Life and Study of Culture -- Jim Gaston

4. How the Postmodern Mindset is Destroying Modern Minds -- Gary Johns

5. Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off? God, Truth and Buckminster Fuller -- Philippa Martyr

6. Reclaiming Wisdom: St Thomas Aquinas and the Integration of Knowledge  -- Paul Morrissey

7. Kaisu: Learning Communities in the Shadow of the Innovative Economy -- Julie Rimes

8. The Future of Learning: The Role of the Independent Scholar -- Karl Schmude

9. Knowledge Without Wisdom -- Steven Schwartz

10. How the Arts Lost the Culture War -- John Simons 

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