CONNOR COURT QUARTERLY, NO 13, THE COVID 19 Issue -- The Role of the State

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Issue No. 13



Paperback, 90 pages


Essays Include:

Our Ten Days that Shook the World -- Jeffrey Tucker
"We tried to “flatten the curve” to preserve hospital capacity, but this is just a fancy way of saying “prolong the pain.” It was a form of rationing access to medical services, seemingly necessary given the scoliosis of this highly regulated industrial sector. But the political class and their modelers only considered one kind of pain. Other forms of pain are already here in the form of mass unemployment, waves of bankruptcy, rising despair, social division and anger, a panicked political class, and a seething fury on the part of millions of people – who had long taken their right to work and associate as a given – who suddenly find themselves under house arrest."

Nicola Roxon,  How Smart You Were --  Marc Hendrickx
"If you want to see what a proportionate response to a pandemic looks like re-visit 2009. That was when the Swine Flu pandemic’s projections posited up to 20,000 deaths in Australia, yet there were no lockdowns. AFL and the rugby codes proceeded unimpeded and no one accused solitary golfers of killing their fellow citizens, as Victoria’s Daniel Andrews told the ABC just days ago". 

An Egregious Statistical Horror Story Suffused with Incense and Lugubrious Accents -- Jeffrey Tucker
"With the latest reports of plummeting death rates from all causes, this crisis is over. The pandemic of doom erupted as a panic of pols and is now a comedy of Mash-minded med admins and stooges, covering their ifs ands and butts with ever more morbid and distorted statistics."

Why Australia Needs Equality Of Sacrifice -- Daniel Wild  
"Long after the health impacts of COVID-19 have passed, the legacy of the necessary but costly government economic rescue and stimulus packages will remain with us through the accumulation of record levels of public debt."

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