Bush Pioneers and the Changed Face of Australia -- Doug Morrissey

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Bush Pioneers and the Changed Face of Australia

Doug Morrissey

Paperback, 400 pages, $44

ISBN 9781922815033

Australian history is much more than toiling convicts, Aboriginal massacres and posturing bushrangers. It is more than a critical race theory account of oppressors and oppressed, where victimhood and white tyranny take precedence over fact and reality. Genocide, white privilege and white supremacy are modern day woke fictions, promoted to destroy belief in Aussie values and tear down the past. It is a woke delusion unproven and unprovable.

We need to view Australian history as it truthfully was not as we imaginatively would like it to be. The history of the pioneers needs to be recounted with understanding and empathy, not simply turned into a modern-day morality tale for political and social justice ends. Even-handed balance and a genuine respect for all past Australians needs to be restored to the national narrative: a national narrative where past generations are not unfairly demonised to suit the politically correct agenda of those who would control the present by inventing a fake version of the past.

Doug Morrissey has written a book which is in part social history and autobiographical. It is also systematic in its exposure of the false nostrums of much of today's anti-Western cult, which has gripped educational institutions and much of the media.

John Howard,  Former Prime Minister of Australia.

Doug Morrissey has written a fresh, forceful, and provocative critique of the two clashing Australias: the new and the old. 

Professor Geoffrey Blainey.

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