Buraadja: The liberal case for national reconciliation -- Andrew Bragg

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Buraadja: The liberal case for national reconciliation

Andrew Bragg

Paperback, 250 pages. 

ISBN: 9781922449542

Release Date: May 2021

Published under the Kapunda Press Imprint


“Bragg is up for ... a fight for a more just Australia”  -- STAN GRANT

“ an insightful look at the past and ... the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead” -- KEN WYATT

Buraadja provides a powerful account of the Liberal Party’s approach to Indigenous affairs. The party’s record of successes and failures is frankly evaluated as an important basis for developing effective approaches to persistent problems.

The problems faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today are considered through two contrasting lenses: the extremist lens of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the moderate lens of the Uluru Statement from the Heart. The Uluru Statement is shown to offer a modest approach to addressing problems by recognising Indigenous peoples in the Constitution, making agreements, and coming to terms with Australia’s history.

Andrew Bragg draws on liberal values to make a compelling case for national reconciliation in Australia. He offers some practical suggestions for remembering our history, listening to Indigenous people, and planning for the future.

Andrew Bragg is a senator for New South Wales in the Australian Parliament and an honorary fellow of the PM Glynn Institute, Australian Catholic University’s public policy think-tank.

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