Bioethics at the Crossroad of Religions - Antoine Tarabay

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Bioethics at the Crossroad of Religions - Antoine Tarabay

Thoughts on the Foundations of Bioethics in Christianity and Islam

Author: Antoine Tarabay Foreword 

ISBN: 9781925138672

Pages: 198 PB

This ground-breaking, unique and accessible volume casts a bird’seye view over the foundations of bioethics in Christianity and Islam. As these two world-religions now co-exist in an unprecedented manner, and engage in a deeper dialogue, it is critical that informed people of all walks of life understand the first principles from which these creeds address bioethics. The author delves into their sacred scriptures and mainstream commentaries, bridging East and West with his impressive grasp of the relevant languages. He produces a work which objectively and dispassionately sets out the facts, and contrasts and summarises the results for the reader’s benefit.

Antoine Tarabay was ordained a priest of the Lebanese Maronite Order in 1993. Completing his Doctorate of Moral Theology (Bioethics) in 1999 (Lateran University, Rome), he lectured in Moral Theology and Bioethics. He has published on bioethics and the Maronite Church. Pope Francis appointed him the 4th Bishop of the Maronite Diocese of Australia in April 2013.

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