Beyond Satire -- Rowan Dean

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Beyond Satire: Julia Caesar & the Kevin Sutra

Rowan Dean

Paperback, 286 pages
Price: $29.95
ISBN: 9781922168726

Romping hilariously through the three years of the Gillard/Rudd government, Rowan Dean’s sharp pen and eagle eye chronicle the finest and funniest moments of what has been an exhilarating roller-coaster ride. From the back-stabbing intrigues of Julia Caesar in ancient Rome to the reincarnation of Kevin VII and the latest positions of the Kevin Sutra, from Mission Impossible exploits of forged credit cards and high class hookers to evil climate change denier monsters and ‘the world’s greatest treasurer’, from people smugglers to pink batts to politician pop stars, the most entertaining political story in Australian history finally gets the book it richly deserves.

Whether you’re keen to learn how Kevin finally pulled it off, or to complete a course in dismantling democracy, or to brush up on your spin and media manipulation techniques, Beyond Satire will bring tears to your eyes. Of laughter.

“Damn! If only I’d had this book back in June.” – Julia

“One, there’s not enough about me. Two, there should be more about me. Three, why isn’t it all about me?” – Kevin

“Nowhere near as good as Battlelines.” – Tony

“The wit of Cicero meets the inspiration of Abraham Lincoln.” – Bob

“I won’t be reading this sexist rubbish because of my undying loyalty to Julia, er, I mean Kevin.” - Penny

“I have no idea what Rowan’s written but I agree with every word he wrote.” – Bill

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