Becoming Missionary Disciples -- Archbishop Julian Porteous

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Becoming Missionary Disciples

Archbishop Julian Porteous

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ISBN 9781922815460

Archbishop Julian Porteous is well known in Australia as a great promoter of evangelisation within the Catholic Tradition. His most recent contribution is a helpful handbook on this vital topic: “Becoming Missionary Disciples”. It expands upon three panoramic topics – “the heart, head and hands” of missionary discipleship. It includes helpful questions that the reader or groups can use for further personal reflections. Archbishop Porteous reflects upon key scriptural texts on missionary discipleship. This is complemented by showcasing Australians and their personal testimonies of encountering Jesus. Then there is the journey to deeper discipleship within the Catholic Church. Locating the particular mission the Holy Spirit offers all is explained. Archbishop Porteous has a humble and conversational tone throughout the foundational subjects considered. His topics not only relate to evangelisation but also evangelise in the reading. This book is ideal for both personal and group use.

Archbishop Christopher Prowse
Chair, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Commission for Evangelisation, Laity and Ministry.

Archbishop Porteous has long been a leader among the world’s bishops in understanding and communicating the importance of evangelization. In his new book he very clearly communicates the content and motivation of evangelization and also provides very helpful spiritual and practical guidance about how to actually go about it! This is a very helpful book for anyone interested in our Church’s call to participate in the mission of Jesus – and we all should be interested!

Ralph Martin S.T.D.

Director of Graduate Theology Programs in the New Evangelization, Sacred Heart Major Seminary
Archdiocese of Detroit

This new book from Archbishop Porteous offers a helpful, simple explanation of what it means to be an intentional missionary disciple. I recommend it to any Catholic who wants to deepen in personal conversion, and grow in the knowledge and techniques of bringing the good news of Jesus to our contemporaries. 

Fr Ken Barker MGL

Founder, Missionaries of God’s Love

Archbishop Julian on page 3 of his new book, “Becoming a Missionary Disciple” quotes Pope Paul the VI from his book Evangelli Nuntiandi - “The Church exists in order to Evangelise.”   I spontaneously said out aloud— “How?” The author then sets out methodically and practically a How to become a Missionary Disciple, (Evangelist). In an age where there is a How to book for absolutely everything, this little book or should I say manual is refreshingly practical and immanently valuable. Even to setting the chapters out in modules and including, a comprehensive how to prepare your testimony. Thankyou + Julian you have done a great service for the Church.

Robert Falzon

Co-founder, MenAlive

Archbishop Julian Porteous has packaged here a fresh, simple and yet powerful handbook for becoming missionary disciples of Jesus. Faithful to the content of the Tradition yet at the same time applying creativity for, sensitivity to, and penetrating insight into the contemporary cultural landscape, he brings Scripture alive and shares personal stories in what is a spiritual manual, a "practical how-to-evangelise" and a rich source of sayings from the most recent popes all rolled into one. I know I'll be buying many copies to share with friends, young people, priests and anyone interested in how to be a Spirit-filled Catholic!

Steve Lawrence

Founder and CEO, Altum Leadership Group
Leader Emmanuel Catholic Community, Melbourne

This short book puts in written form a series of presentations given in 2022 to Catholics across Tasmania. The “Evangelium Project” was a series of three modules of five sessions given at the Cathedral Centre in Hobart and live-streamed to 23 hubs across Tasmania. Some 250 people were engaged in the program. The purpose of the project was to assist ordinary Catholics in responding to the call of Pope Francis to become “missionary disciples”.
The series was broken into three separate modules titled ‘‘heart”, ‘‘head” and ‘‘hands”. We firstly explored the conversion experience which results from an encounter with Jesus of Nazareth. Then we explored our identity as believers. Finally, we explored some simple ways in which the average Catholic can become active as a missionary disciple.

The series was presented as a spiritual journey rather than a series of informational talks. Thus, each session began with a period of prayer including the singing of hymns. At the end of each session a question for personal reflection was presented. Those participating were encouraged to reflect on the question and then share in a small group. I would recommend that this book be used as a spiritual journey, and so encourage prayer and reflection to accompany its use.

Table of Contents

Module One – Heart: Encountering the Lord
1    The God who calls              
2    Encounter with Jesus               
3    The experience of healing           
4    Bringing about conversion           
5    Encountering the glory of the Lord       

Module Two – Head: Our Identity as Christians
6    The Four Truths               
7    Christ saves you               
8    Jesus is alive                   
9    Empowered by the Spirit           
10    Being a disciple               

Module Three – Hands: Witnessing to Jesus
11    Becoming missionary disciples       
12    Witnessing to our faith           
13    How to give your testimony          

14    Praying with a person           
15    We have a treasure               
About the Author                   

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