Becoming Fire -- Fr Ken Barker MGL

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Becoming Fire
Fr Ken Barker

November 2023 release

Paperback, 258 pages, $24.95
ISBN 9781922815798

Becoming Fire aims to give the beginner in the spiritual life a vision and framework for an on-going life in the Spirit, and to give some insights into the dynamics of spiritual growth, as well as some practical means for moving ahead. The reader is offered a vision which is biblical, practical, personal, evangelical, God-centred and faithful to the spiritual tradition of the Church.

Get ready to grow in holiness. Being one with God, Fr. Barker tells us, is the goal of our lives. Drawing on Scripture, the saints, and his own experience, he aims to lead the reader to deeper prayer, growth in virtue, docility to the Spirit, and joyful life in the Lord. He offers ample encouragement along the way: we can become fire!
Dr Mary Healy S.T.D., Professor in Scripture, Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit. Member of Pontifical Biblical Commission

Fr. Ken Barker’s book introduces the beginner in the spiritual life to the riches of the scriptural message regarding our growth in the life of God. It also invites the reader to enter the world of Christian tradition: Francis de Sales, John of the Cross, Catherine of Siena and a host of others are invoked as the great cloud of witnesses whose experience helps point the way for us today. Fr. Ken also makes good use of his own wide experience of the faith as he seeks to encourage the beginner to hearken to the call of the Lord. The book deserves prayerful pondering from a wide audience.
Fr Austin Cooper OMI, Late Senior Fellow, Catholic Theological College, Melbourne

In Becoming Fire Fr Ken Barker with great care and lucidity lays before us the journey of the soul to God. He draws extensively from the scriptures and all parts of the Christian tradition, but above all he draws from his own experience of the spiritual life and as a spiritual director. This is a good introduction for beginners. It will also be of value to proficients who will discover new insights into their own spiritual lives. 
Bishop Greg Homeming OCD, Diocese of Lismore

This book has been such a blessing for me. I pick it up every year or so. I am so blessed by it. Matt Fradd, Pints with Aquinas,

Fr Ken Barker is the Founder of the Missionaries of God’s Love (MGL), a new vibrant religious congregation with missions in Australia, the Philippines and Indonesia. He is involved in many works of evangelisation and renewal, and is the author of Young Men Rise Up, His Name is Mercy, Amazing Love, Alive in the Spirit, The Wonder of the Eucharist, The Way of Jesus, Fire to the Earth, Go Set the World on Fire, Mary, Disciple and Mother, The Our Father, and Eternity.

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