Bad Egg: How to Fix Super -- Andrew Bragg

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Bad Egg: How to Fix Super

Andrew Bragg

Paperback, $24.95

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ISBN: 9781925826890

“Andrew’s short book on superannuation is due for release in May 2020. 

This new book was written whilst Andrew has been in the Parliament, principally between July 2019 and February 2020. 

Few understand superannuation well and the industry has revelled in its opacity for 30 years. 

It is Australia’s biggest closed shop.

The point of this monograph is to encourage the nation to change direction on super. Not to junk it, but to make it work.

Put simply, if it isn’t working, why are we doing it?

As Australia faces the Coronavirus, it is clear the nation cannot afford indulgences that do not work.”

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