Australia Tomorrow -- Edited by Jake Thrupp (LIMITED EDITION HARDBACK)

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Australia Tomorrow

Edited by Jake Thrupp

Limited Edition Hardback, 385 pages, $54.95

ISBN: 978-1-922449-89-4

Release Date:  December 1st, 2021

This anthology of political essays by prominent centre-right thinkers, politicians and business leaders, is designed to propose the Australia of tomorrow.

There is no shortage of remarkable ideas, only the will, amongst government, to understand them and then execute them. We can be great but first, we must want to be great.

Foreword by John Howard
Preface by Peta Credlin
Introduction by Jake Thrupp

Chapters from the following contributors: Nick Cater, Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, Tom Switzer, James McGrath, Gary Hardgrave, Rita Panahi, Judith Sloan, Tim Wilson, Michaelia Cash, Maurice Newman, Gemma Tognini, Jason Falinski, Adam Creighton, Alan Jones, Tony Abbott, Peter Gleeson, Alex Dore, John Alexander, Julian Leeser, David Crisafulli, Alex Antic, David Flint, Campbell Newman, Jacinta Price, Jim Molan, Amanda Stoker, James Allan, Elizabeth Lee, David Elliott, Brendan Nelson, Gina Rinehart, Dallas McInerney, Caroline Di Russo, Peter King, Ben Small, Barnaby Joyce, David Maddox, Matt Canavan

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