Astor: Adventures Ashore and Afloat -- Peter Warner

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Astor: Adventures Ashore and Afloat 

Peter Warner

Paperback,  188 pages, $24.95

ISBN 9781922449047

At 17 years of age, Peter Warner ran away to sea. His family was aghast, pleading for his return to finish his schooling.

But Peter was not ready for this. Adventure was running in his veins.

Astor –Adventures Ashore and Afloat is the first part of a 3 part autobiography of Melbourne born sailor and entrepreneur, Peter Warner.

This first book covers Peter’s first 35 intriguing and adventurous years. It also includes many, of the achievements of his father, English born Melbourne industrial tycoon, TV pioneer and politician, Sir Arthur Warner.

Sailing enthusiasts will enjoy Peter Warner’s lively descriptions of the famous schooner Astor’s colourful ocean races. It includes the Trans-Tasman events along with the Sydney to Hobart races in which he won line honours three times.

This is a great tale of adventure and thrills when times were freer and rules fewer and far between.

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