About Bioethics 5: Faith, Science and the Environment

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Nicholas Tonti-Filippini

Paperback, 330 pages
ISBN: 9781925501513

Publication Date: May 2017
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“I found this to be a delightful topic precisely because there are so few doctrinal answers and so much theological work to be done. I hope that you share my excitement and joy in exploring the Christian faith and the challenge to theological beliefs that contemporary atheists contend in their claim that science has made God unnecessary.”– Professor Nicholas Tonti-Filippini

Professor Tonti-Filippini was completing the writing and editing of this book just before his death in November 2014. This volume explores the relationship between humanity and the environment in the light of contemporary science and a Christian understanding of creation and redemption. This includes the challenge set us by both Benedict XVI and John Paul II in having accepted the probability of the scientific account of the evolution of the human body but not accepting that the human immortal soul evolved. The contemporary issues of climate change, population growth, human damage to the environment and the relationship between faith and science are explored by applying the ideas of the goodness, beauty and sacramentality of all creation and other ideas within the Christian tradition, focussing particularly on the contributions of the Early Fathers, such as Augustine and John Chrysostom, and the medieval thinkers, including Albert the Great, Thomas Aquinas and Francis of Assisi, and taking into account the effects of Hellenism on both the Jewish and Christian traditions.

“During my time as a student at the Institute, Ethics, Creation and the Environment was the only one of Nicholas’ subjects that I did not take. For me, therefore, this present volume is precious. Reading it was like being in class with him once more: sharing his knowledge, challenged by his questions, inspired by his enthusiasm, and comforted by his love and fidelity to the Church’s tradition. While Nicholas did not have the opportunity to reflect on Pope Francis’ contribution in Laudato si’, his presentation of the Church’s approach to issues of creation and the protection of the environment, especially from the pontificates of John Paul II and Benedict XVI, provides the intellectual and theological foundation from which a proper and more fruitful reading of Francis’ encyclical may proceed”. 
– Fr Paschal Corby OFM Conv., Lecturer in Bioethics, John Paul II Institute Marriage and Family, Melbourne.

“These excellent volumes bring together a life-time of intellectually rigorous and faithfully Catholic work in Bioethics… A “must read” for any health professional, ethics student or educated layman interested in exploring these questions and emerging from the labyrinth wiser and more compassionate. – Most Reverend Anthony Fisher OP, Archbishop of Sydney.

Professor Nicholas Tonti-Filippini BA (Hons), MA (Monash), PhD (Melb.), FHERDSA, KCSG, AO was, at the time of his death, Associate Dean and Head of Bioethics at the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family in Melbourne. The Institute is associated with the John Paul II Institute in Rome and the Lateran University. It is registered as a higher education provider in Australia to provide graduate courses in Bioethics, Theology of Marriage and Family, and Religious Education. Professor Tonti-Filippini was a philosopher who specialised in bioethics having been Australia’s first hospital ethicist and Director of Bioethics at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, 1982-1990. He is well known internationally and has published widely in Bioethics. 

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