About Bioethics 3: Transplantation, Biobanks and the Human Body

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About Bioethics - Volume 3
Transplantation, Biobanks and the Human Body

Nicholas Tonti-Filippini

Paperback, 202 pages
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ISBN: 9781922168030


The author has been involved with transplantation almost since it became an established practice and has witnessed many controversial changes.   As a professional ethicist and chairing government enquiries he has explored all aspects of the harvesting and use of human tissue.  Having conscientiously refused a kidney transplant himself, and witnessed conscientious objection by nurses and doctors, the author aims to improve current practices and to assist people who may make the generous decision to donate relative’s organs and tissues after death or, much more rarely, the heroic decision to donate their own organ or tissue while alive. Others suffer major organ failure and may need help to make a decision to receive an organ or tissue. Some choose to be involved in medical practice or medical research involving transplants.  Commercial Biobanks of human tissue have developed rapidly and there are now many tissue products used, not only for medical treatment and diagnosis, but also for cosmetic purposes.  There are now trade risks to altruistic donation, loss of equity of access to transplant treatments, rationing decisions, perverse incentives, and efforts to remove the need for consent so as to increase availability of tissue.  There have been some major developments in the determination of death.  That raises complex religious matters to do with how we understand the soul and the body and life after death and the Churches must revisit the issue.

“These excellent volumes bring together a life-time of intellectually rigorous and faithfully Catholic work in Bioethics… A ‘must read’ for any health professional, ethics student or educated layman interested in exploring these questions and emerging from the labyrinth wiser and more compassionate.” – The Most Reverend Anthony Fisher OP, Bishop of Parramatta

“…his book on bioethics reveals the depth of his knowledge and experience. This is a publication for all seasons.” – Dr Joseph N. Santamaria, Former Director of Community Medicine, St Vincent’s Hospital, Fitzroy

“Dr Nicholas Tonti-Filippini’s book traverses many important issues in Bioethics, both from a secular and from a religious perspective. It is an absorbing and persuasive exposition which is a welcome contribution in a critical field. The author sets out to provide arguments which are both cogent and recognise that bioethics is a pluralist system of regulations of biomedical research and practice. He succeeds admirably.” – Sir James Gobbo, Former Governor-General of Victoria.

Professor Nicholas Tonti-Filippini BA (Hons), MA (Monash), PhD (Melb), FHERDSA, KCSG is Associate Dean and Head of Bioethics at the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family in Melbourne. The Institute is associated with the John Paul II Institute in Rome and the Lateran University. It is registered as a higher education provider in Australia to provide graduate courses in Bioethics, Theology of Marriage and Family, and Religious Education. Professor Tonti- Filippini is a philosopher who has specialised in bioethics for the past 30 years including having been Australia’s first hospital ethicist and Director of Bioethics at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, 1982-1990. He is well known internationally and has published widely in Bioethics. Nicholas Tonti-Filippini recently chaired an Australian Government public enquiry to produce recommendations for trade in human tissue and tissue products.

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