ART IN LAW -- Nicholas Hasluck

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Nicholas Hasluck

Paperback, 108 pages

ISBN 9781925826562

August 9, 2019 Release


Art in Law by Nicholas Hasluck, a well-known writer and former Judge, shows the way in which works of fiction can be used to dramatize the law in action – from the trial scene in The Merchant of Venice to the downfall of Francis Bacon, from native title after Mabo to the push for an Aboriginal voice to parliament. Law may vary from place to place but the basic rule of procedural fairness – a party’s right to be heard – is common to most legal systems. The best advocates know how to tell a story because the rule depends on stories being told well. Nicholas Hasluck draws upon the works of many writers, including some of his own novels, in exploring this theme. In doing so, he provides a graphic account of the relationship between law and literature, and the way in which the art of persuasion will not only be of use to lawyers but to all those with an interest in the nature of law and justice.

Nicholas Hasluck was born in Canberra. He studied law at the University of Western Australia, then Oxford, before practising law in Perth. He served as a Judge of the Supreme Court of Western Australia, Chair of the Literature Board, the Commonwealth Writers Prize and the Art Gallery of Western Australia. His many novels include The Bellarmine Jug, winner of The Age Book of the Year Award.

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