A Journey Through the Elements: Memoirs of a Fortunate Geologist -- Garry Lowder

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A Journey Through the Elements
Memoirs of a Fortunate Geologist
Garry Lowder

Foreword by Ross Large AO

Paperback, 365 pages, $39.95

ISBN: 978-1-925826-65-4

Release Date: November 2019

“I couldn’t put it down … it cost me a whole day!”
-- Ian Plimer

A  Journey  Through  the  Elements  is  an  entertaining  account  of  one  man’s journey through life as a geologist. Part ‘Boys’ Own Adventure’, part ‘Ode to Nature’, the narrative travels from Australia to California, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and beyond as it brings to life with humour, history, science and personal anecdotes a dynamic and inspiring world that most people cherish but few have encountered quite so vividly.

“A Journey through the Elements presents an “insider’s” view of the world around us that will resonate strongly with anyone interested in natural history.   As   the   readers   are  transported   into   tropical rainforests and arid deserts, or across mountain ranges and sweeping plains, they encounter the Elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water – in a way that brings the natural world to life in an intense and personal way.”
… Prof Ross Large AO

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