A Cohort of Pioneers: Australian postgraduate students and American postgraduates degrees 1949 – 1964

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A Cohort of Pioneers: 

Australian Postgraduate Students and American Postgraduate Degrees, 1949-1964

Sally Ninham

ISBN  9781921421853
Length 313 pages

"What happened to a group of Australian scholars all of whom went to the USA for graduate & related studies? Their immersion into the well resourced USA PhD environment with significant research facilities, libraries and stimulating environments of scholars lasted them a lifetime. All had or could have had scholarships to Oxford or Cambridge, the normal destiny of Australian Masters or post-Masters students. Sally Ninham follows their stories and importantly the stories of their wives. Almost all of these US Graduates returned to Australia to pursue their careers in academia, the law and the corporate world. Their contribution to Australian scholarship, intellectual leadership and Australian society has been significant. Ninham has documented a host of important careers, and the contributions that many made to the transformation of the Australian academy after the Second World War. All of these deserve the analysis in this book."

- Professor Tom Healy AO, a Columbia University, New York PhD, 1963.

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