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Connor Court Publishing has published over 300 often controversial titles, many of which have challenged the politically-correct status quo. From climate change to free speech, and through biographies of politicians like Robert Menzies and Ron Mullock, Connor Court has stood alone in its independence from the publishing world’s biased group-think.

Connor Court remains determined and committed to continuing with its book titles program and its vital role as a liberating publishing house. In order to grow and achieve this end, a decision was made last year to move Connor Court from our location in Ballarat, Victoria, to the larger city of Brisbane. It also has expanded its distribution arrangements to a more global network, engaging with the world’s largest book distributor, Ingram Inc.

Connor Court Publishing has also recruited sales representatives in Melbourne and Sydney, while in Brisbane we are engaged in establishing a more permanent base with the opening of the book room in West End. 

It is from Brisbane that we seek the greatest expansion so as to enhance our role as a vigorous champion of rationality and freedom, well positioned to confront and question the ever-narrowing world-view of Australia’s institutions and opinion shapers.

In light of these developments, we appeal to you to assist us in this expansion by joining the Connor Court 500 and becoming one of the 500 Patrons.

The 500 Patron involves a once-off payment which entitles you to the following benefits:

-          Exclusive invitations to events, launches and dinners

-          Five free books from the Connor Court backlist of your choosing upon becoming a 500 patron

-          Four free issues of the Connor Court Quarterly

-          PLUS 20% off all Connor Court titles for life

Moreover, by becoming a 500 Patron you will be joining the likes of Ian Plimer, John Roskam and many others who have committed to the work started 11 years ago. It is our hope that with your help we will continue to grow and expand, with more publications to question and challenge the political and cultural elites of this country.

We thank you for your continued support and enclose a 500 Patron card as well as a catalogue of some of our publications.

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